Welcome to Konuveres Kennel and Manor House

Welcome to Konuveres Kennel and Manor House, our family home plus home for 11  Siberian Huskies, 2 Newfoundland Dogs, 3 horses and 2 cats!

We are living in the beautiful countryside of Estonia, fields and forests surrounding us at the south side, river at the north side.

Quiet and peaceful—ok, very dark during the winter! Anyway, very good place to live both for us & for our animals.

Enjoy  your visit!

Contact:            Marja Maijala-Männistö


Email:                 marja@konuveremois.ee

Tel:                    +372 50 44948


Address:             Konuvere Mõis, Märjamaa Vald,

                          78206, Rapla Maakond, Estonia